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Kitchen Supplies – I’ve Got Gadgets & Gizmos A-Plenty

If you are anything like me then you have to have all the latest kitchen accessories in your home. I like to entertain, so my family and I host parties and entertain friends and colleagues all of the time. My friends may not know their way around the kitchen as well as I do but they sure like to purchase a lot of kitchen supplies for me. In order to be the best cook or chef, you have to make sure you are well stocked in the kitchen supply area.

I like to use any and all kitchen supplies; even if I only get one use out of it. You know how most people have a clothing or shoe shopping addiction? Well, I have a kitchen supply shopping addiction. I do not care where I am or who I am with, if I see a mixer, a toaster, a blender or a slicer for a good price and it is of the highest quality then I will buy it. My kitchen is full of gadgets that no one else in the home can even identify but the kitchen is my castle, so no one else needs to be in there anyway.

This may sound a little excessive but I have at least two or three of each kitchen supply that I own. The reason for this is because I travel a lot and when I see something I want I buy it. My logic is that the one I have at home may break and then what would I do?

It serves as a second choice and a backup, if you will. I am just going to give you the short version of all of the kitchen supplies that I own. Right now in my inventory I have two toasters, three blenders, two microwaves, one toaster oven (which by the way is different from a toaster), an assortment of cutlery that I cannot begin to name.

In short, kitchen supplies are a necessity in our everyday lives. Not only should we eat quality food but it should be prepared with the highest quality of kitchen supplies that one can afford. If I told you every kitchen supply that I own, you would probably think I was nuts. By the time you finish reading this article, I will probably be on aisle five of my favorite department store kitchen supply shopping.

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